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0510 Ciemniejsze niż bursztyn

December 18, 2013
0510 Darker Than Amber 320
  • Title: Ciemniejsze niż bursztyn
  • English Title: Darker Than Amber
  • Canon: Darker Than Amber
  • Language: Polish
  • Country: Poland
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 1991
  • Publisher: Beta
  • Cover Artist: unknown

Finally! A John D MacDonald cover that illustrates a scene from the story. We all know the plot, of course, so the New York City skyline is obviously … uh … from Nightmare in Pink, and the evil guy on the motorcycle is right out of Free Fall in Crimson, and the richy bitchy movie star comes from The Quick Red Fox, and the dead man … well … is there any Travis McGee book where a guy doesn’t die? See? It isn’t difficult to make a representative cover.

Seriously, what is with that oversized gun pointing straight up? Subtle, man.


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