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0486 Tödlich willkommen!

November 10, 2013
0486 Deadly Welcome 375
  • Title: Tödlich willkommen!
  • English Title: Deadly Welcome!
  • Canon: Deadly Welcome
  • Language: German
  • Country: Germany
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 1991
  • Publisher: Heyne
  • Collection: Heyne-Bücher
  • Collection #: 8181
  • ISBN-10: 345304584X
  • ISBN-13: 9783453045842
  • Cover Artist: photo

First, before I say anything snarky, I want to congratulate Heyne for simply translating the title into German instead of their normal practice (see here). Ok, the exclamation point was added, but don’t confuse me with facts; I’m trying to be nice for once.

Well, enough of that. I always wonder what the foreign cover designers are thinking when they come up with their covers. We all know that the story takes place in the small town of Ramona Beach, Florida, so the palm trees are de rigueur. I’m fine with that. My question is, what kind of building is that? It could be the deck of an aircraft carrier. It can’t be a patio because those two seats are waaaay too close to a precipitous dropoff; I mean, we’re at the same height as the tops of those palms! It might be the roof of an industrial building or perhaps an unfinished condo. Regardless, what cover designer made the decision that this photo would sell the book?

Nice tagline, though:

It was a routine job – but it was a game of life and death

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