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0423 Kuolleen miehen viesti

May 15, 2013
0423 Bullet For Cinderella, A 186
  • Title: Kuolleen miehen viesti
  • English Title: Dead Man’s Message
  • Canon: A Bullet for Cinderella
  • Language: Finnish
  • Country: Finland
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 1964
  • Publisher: Vaasa Oy
  • Collection: Ilvessarja
  • Cover Artist: Bertil Hegland

We haven’t seen any of Bertil’s efforts for quite a while, so I decided it was time. Even I can read his signature on this one!

This cover is better than some of his others. You can practically see the muscles and tendons in the man’s hand, much better than this. Her hair is drawn in soft focus, better than this or this. And her cleavage is … um … ample, almost as good as this.

The lighting, on the other hand, is head scratching. The girl is clearly being lit from the left, but the man’s pants and the wall behind them are lit from the right. And I would never say “the way she’s dressed, she deserved it”, unless she was wearing a dress made entirely from salt water taffy. She deserved it.

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