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0420 Жена полицейского

May 8, 2013
0420 One Monday We Killed Them All 1571
  • Title: Жена полицейского
  • English Title: Officer’s Wife
  • Canon: One Monday We Killed Them All
  • Language: Russian
  • Country: Russia
  • Format: Unknown
  • Year: 2001
  • Publisher: Panorama
  • Collection: Ladies’ Detective mini
  • Cover Artist: Photo

Here’s an unusual one: a Russian MacDonald that contains only one novel; in this case, One Monday. It’s a good thing I just read it because now that the story is fresh in my mind, the Russian title makes sense. Mr. Macho in the background doesn’t look like my idea of the protagonist — way too young and manly — and I don’t know why the slutty criminal girl is pictured, except for the fact that slutty girls will always show up on the cover.

This is one of the few JDMs that I can’t figure out what format it’s in. My guess is hardcover, since most Russian JDMs are printed in hardcover (when they’re not illegally sold as mp3s). Perhaps one of my many Russian followers could clue me in.


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