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0411 Tuomion päivä

April 11, 2013
0411 April Evil 66
  • Title: Tuomion päivä
  • English Title: Judgement Day
  • Canon: April Evil
  • Language: Finnish
  • Country: Finland
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 1971
  • Publisher: Vaasa Oy
  • Collection: Manhattan
  • Collection #: 83
  • Cover Price: 3.00 ovh
  • Cover Artist: Unknown

I was all ready to have some fun with this cover — you know, the bullet list of things that the characters might be saying — when I realized how much I like the artwork. I’ve seen many a drawn maiden, some of them just as undressed as this one, but I have never seen one who looks so scared. Those eyes, pulled to her right, looking at the man, can’t believe whatever it is he has just done, or is about to do, with that switchblade. I also like the way he is looking through the knife to somebody off-stage, who is presumably hoping desperately that his wife paid the most recent life insurance premium but realizes that she probably didn’t. His expression is great — brow slightly furrowed, a hint of a sneer on his unsymmetrical mouth, his expressionless eyes — this guy doesn’t care about his victim, doesn’t care that his knife will need a good cleaning, doesn’t care that there’s a naked girl standing next to him.

And the man’s hair! Anybody can draw long hair, but it’s hard to draw short frizzy hair. Thumbs up to the unknown artist!


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