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Today is a good day to die

April 1, 2013
Green Ripper, The - klingon
  • Title: Today is a good day to die
  • English Title: Today is a good day to die
  • Canon: The Green Ripper
  • Language: Klingon
  • Country: Klingon Empire
  • Format: Steel-bound
  • Year: HovpoH 13223.4
  • Cover Artist: Don Brautigam

I found this incredibly rare edition at a used bookstore in Portland, Oregon. A little research turned up the fact that this is the only JDM available in Klingon. The publishers briefly considered printing The End of the Night but decided the storyline was too bland even for Klingon children. Ripper made the cut because of Travis’ transition to homicidal mass murderer in the story’s climax; thus the book was filed under “Humor”. The title comes from one of the few upbeat Klingon proverbs. The book received rave reviews, such as the one on the cover.

The cover is interesting mainly for yet another re-use of Brautigam’s iconic drawing. Apparently, the publishers refused to pay Brautigam, and when he took them to court, they replied “Why don’t you come over here and make me?” He dropped the suit shortly afterwards.

My apologies for the English language translation of the title in the post heading. WordPress inexplicably requires post titles to be in Unicode and the Unicode Consortium has inexplicably rejected adding Klingon to the standard.

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