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0408 Den sprelske rødreven

March 21, 2013
0408 Quick Red Fox, The 1056
  • Title: Den sprelske rødreven
  • English Title: The Feisty Red Fox
  • Canon: The Quick Red Fox
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Country: Norway
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 1966
  • Publisher: Bladkompeniet
  • Collection: Stjerne-Serien
  • Collection #: 288
  • Cover Artist: Ron Lesser, John McDermott

It’s always a pleasure to view Mr. Lesser’s work, but other than being a mirror image, this Norwegian edition of Fox doesn’t differ much from the original, so I’ll use this space to plug an interesting article by author Keith Ferrell that discusses John D MacDonald’s strengths and weaknesses. While I don’t think it breaks any new ground, Keith hits all the usual suspects, both good (consistency, research, an eye for “small human tics”, and environmentalism) and bad (consistency(!), tendency to preach, and an inability to create believable characters who are either “decent” or ethnic). It makes a fine introduction to the Old Man.

I found it amusing that he says “nor, as I understand it, did the McGees or much else of MacDonald’s work find much of a following outside the U.S.” Hmm…I have currently identified slightly more foreign editions than American ones.

My apologies for the abysmal quality of this scan. If anyone has a better one, I’ll make you famous. I’ll put your name up in lights. Or pixels.

Milk Carton

Have you seen me? I am a Norwegian edition of Bright Orange for the Shroud, titled Svart som synden (Black as sin), printed before 1967 by Bladkompaniet as Stjerne-Serien 302.

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