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0267 Hemmungslos

April 11, 2012
  • Title: Hemmungslos
  • English Title: Unrestrained
  • Canon: Weep for Me
  • Language: German
  • Country: Germany
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 1955
  • Publisher: Walter Lehning
  • Collection: Panther-Reihe
  • Collection #: 22
  • Cover Price: DM 1.50
  • Cover Artist: Unknown


I have been looking for this cover for years. Now thanks to Uilke, who very kindly provided this scan, I have finally seen it. And what a surprise it was when I did see it.

To understand, you have to know the history. Here is the first US edition cover, drawn by Owen Kampen. Emily is correctly depicted as a brunette. Note the apple, teapot, broken Mission-style chair, and his stylish blue shoes. Here is the second US edition cover, drawn by good old Barye Phillips. Emily has dyed herself into a much more attractive redhead. The apple and teapot are gone, the chair is now in the Windsor style, and he wears normal looking shoes. All-in-all, a better job. The UK edition used this artwork. The Australian edition required some poor slob to recreate the Kampen cover. The teapot, blue shoes, and broken Mission chair are back, but Emily has now bleached her hair, become more stylish, and sports a nicer dress. Apples are of course notoriously difficult to draw, so it was replaced with a box of cigarets.

Now we have Hummungslos. The Germans are nothing if not meticulous, and thrifty too. Not one to part with a spare pfennig, they apparently refused to pay royalties to Kampen and so hired some schmuck to recreate, stroke by stroke, Kampen’s original. Other than its abysmal quality, this painting is true to the original, other than the minor fact that Emily now works as a charwoman, cleaning out coal stoves. It’s so hard to get coal dust off one’s face!

And so we close the book on Weep for Me. We’ve seen them all. Along with Two, that makes two.

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