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0168 Reading for Survival

November 14, 2011
  • Title: Reading for Survival
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: Unknown 1988
  • Publisher: Library of Congress
  • Cover Artist: None


How did I miss this one? I thought I had done all of MacDonald’s books at least once, but somehow I passed by Reading for Survival. I could defend myself by saying that it isn’t really a book, it’s more of an essay, but that would be cheating and I know it.

It’s not really a book; it’s more of an essay.

I have never seen an actual copy of this … uh … book, but I recently received a PDF of it from … uh … a friend, so I finally got a chance to read it. It was written at the request of someone or other to promote reading, and consists of a conversation between McGee and Meyer. Well, it’s really more of a monologue by Meyer, as McGee keeps pointing out. Anyway, Meyer pontificates on how reading is a survival mechanism that helps man by allowing him to not have to remember everything since he can just look it up. It’s well worth the effort to find it, although as far as I know it’s not actually for sale.

I always say there is nothing like good cover art. This is nothing like good cover art. I believe this is a reprint, not the original.

Update (09/25/2013): Added publication date.

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  1. David Fierke permalink
    November 17, 2011 4:14 am

    Hello, In my attic I found these paperbacks. I’m trying to figure out what to do with them. John D. Macdonald seems to have a lot of fans. Any suggestions? I have pictures but they would not load on this message. Thanks David Fierke

    THE BRASS CUPCAKE Gold Medal 124 (1950) fragile binding
    MURDER FOR THE BRIDE Gold Medal 164 (1951) fragile binding
    JUDGE ME NOT Gold Medal 186 (1951) fragile binding
    WEEP FOR ME Gold Medal 200 (1951) cracked binding
    THE DAMNED Gold Medal 240 (December, 1952-3rd) good
    DEAD LOW TIDE Gold Medal 298 (April 1953) good
    THE NEON JUNGLE Gold Medal 223 (August, 1953) good
    ALL THESE CONDEMNED Gold Medal (August, 1954) better
    AREA OF SUSPICION Dell 12 (1954) better
    CANCEL ALL OUR VOWS Signet S 1131 (February, 1955) loose pages, better
    CRY HARD CRY FAST Popular Library 675 (July, 1955) good
    CONTRARY PLEASURE Popular Library 697 (October, 1955) good
    A BULLET FOR CINDERELLA Dell 62 (1955) better
    MURDER IN THE WIND Dell A 113 (1956) best
    A MAN OF AFFAIRS Dell B 112 (December, 1957) better
    A MAN OF AFFAIRS Gold Medal R2255 (1957) good
    CLEMMIE Gold Medal s777 (June, 1958) better
    SOFT TOUCH Gold Medal R2256 (1958) better
    THE DECEIVERS Dell B 117 (1956) loose pages, better
    THE BEACH GIRLS Gold Medal s907 (August, 1959) good
    THE CROSSROADS Crest s400- (1959) loose pages, good
    DEADLY WELCOME Gold Medal D 1980 (1959) better
    APRIL EVIL Dell B 146 (May, 1960-reprint) better
    THE ONLY GIRL IN THE GAME Gold Medal s1015 (July, 1960) better
    YOU KILL ME Popular Library G507 (January, 1961-reprint) good
    THE END OF THE NIGHT Crest s464 (August, 1961) better
    A KEY TO THE SUITE Gold Medal s 1198 (March, 1962) loose pages, good
    A KEY TO THE SUIT Gold Medal s1198 (March, 1962) loose pages, good
    CAPE FEAR Crest s520 (April, 1962-2nd) better
    THE GIRL, THE GOLD WATCH AND EVERYTHING Gold Medal s 1259 (December, 1962) better
    I COULD GO ON SINGING, Gold Medal kl291 (March, 1963) better
    ON THE RUN Gold Medal k1292 (Aprii 1, 1963) best
    A PURPLE PLACE FOR DYING Gold Medal d1826 (1964) better
    BRIGHT ORANGE FOR THE SHROUD Gold Medal R 1915 (1965) better PALE GRAY FOR GUILT Gold Medal d1893 (1968)
    DRESS HER IN INDIGO Gold Medal T2127 (1969) better
    THE DREADFUL LEMON SKY Gold Medal Q3285 (September, 1975) better
    CINNAMON SKIN Gold Medal 12505-x (July, 1983) good

    • November 20, 2011 5:19 pm

      You have certainly uncovered a very nice set of JDMs. I don’t know if I’m much help with how to sell them, if that is what you are interested in. I purchase most of mine from used bookstores, eBay, and various online sellers. I guess if I were selling them, I would do so on eBay.

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