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0053 A Bullet for Cinderella

July 22, 2011
  • Title: A Bullet for Cinderella
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 1955
  • Publisher: Dell
  • Collection: First Edition
  • Collection #: 62
  • Cover Price: $0.25
  • Cover Artist: George Gross


The cover of the first edition of A Bullet for Cinderella is just classic pulp Hillbilly Bad Girl. Beautiful girl, check. Wanton look, check. Rustic setting, check. Outhouse, check. It reminds me of Hill Girl, or Hill Girl, or Backwoods Girl, or Farmer’s Wife. Gotta love Ma yelling at her to do her chores. And the tilted TV antenna.

Check out Steve Scott for a much-better-than-I-could-write-damn-him review of the story.

Update (8/22/2011): The cover art is by George Gross. Thanks, Steve Scott.

Update (01/20/2012): It also reminds me of Cabin Road, Big City Girl, or Little Tramp, or Uncle Good’s Girls, or River Girl, or Desire in the Dust. Gawd, I love this sub-genre!

Update (01/21/2012): Or The Devil Drives, or Mountain Girl, or Barge Girl (although it lacks the back hills locale), or About Doctor Ferrel, or The Sin Shouter of Cabin Road, or The Mating Cry, or Girl from Town, or Cabin Road (that’s by John Faulkner, not William), or Backwoods Tramp. No, I’m not obsessed. Why does everyone keep saying that?

Update (04/08/2012): Or Swamp Girl or Touch Me Not or Swamp Babe or The Half-Caste or Swamp Sister or Girl Out Back.

Update (05/02/2012): Or Riverfront Girl.

Update (05/23/2012): Did I mention Backwoods Teaser? I didn’t think so.

Update (07/07/2012): Or Riverboat Girl or Backwater Woman. Or Swamp Sanctuary. Or Swamp Hoyden (“she was no better than she had to be”).

Milk Carton

Have you seen me? I am the Argentinian version of A Bullet for Cinderella, titled Cindy, un nombre para la muerte (Cindy, a Name for Death), printed in 1973 by Granica Editor. Update (11/14/2013): Found it! See it here.

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