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0002 Weep for Me

August 16, 2010
  • Title: Weep for Me
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 1959
  • Publisher: Fawcett
  • Collection: Gold Medal
  • Collection #: 884
  • Cover Price: $0.25
  • Cover Artist: Barye Phillips


This is the second edition of Weep for Me. I find it interesting that the publisher felt the need to hire Barye Phillips to re-create the orginal cover almost unchanged. Well, ok, the teapot is gone and the striped rug is new. Frankly, it’s a better-looking cover.

This is also the only case I’ve found where a later edition has a lower cover price than the earlier edition. Update (10/25/2013): I was wrong; both the first and second printings had a $0.25 cover price.

Update (04/08/2012): Added the publication date.

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